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If you are following traditions, then the bride should carry one of each during her wedding day to encourage happiness and prosperity in her newly-wed life.

Something Old Traditionally an item of clothing or perhaps a garter given by a happily married relative – thus transferring the happiness of her marriage from herself to the bride.

Something New Anything the bride chooses and symbolises the new and flourishing future of the couple.

Something Borrowed Normally a piece of jewellery from within the family but it's deemed essential for the bride to return the item straight after the wedding to ward off bad luck.

Something Blue Any piece of clothing but more often than not an item of underwear. Blue is used to symbolise loyalty and faithfulness.

These days however, these items can be anything such as an old, antique pair of earrings, a new garter, a borrowed necklace and blue toe nail varnish – just make sure they fit in with the wedding outfit.


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