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The chief bridesmaid should be on hand to help the bride every step of the way during the planning and during the wedding day. Not only will she have practical duties to attend to but she should also provide support and a shoulder to cry on during what is invariably a stressful time.

Along with organising the hen night, the chief bridesmaid generally accompanies the bride and the bride’s mother to choose the wedding dress and offer an honest but constructive opinion. She will help choose her own dress along with those for any other bridesmaids and attendants.

On the day of the wedding, the chief bridesmaid normally goes with the bride to any hair and make-up appointments and helps her dress. She should also ensure that the bridal cars are going to arrive on time and that the bride is all ready for the honeymoon.

On arrival at the wedding venue, she will attend to the bride by arranging her dress, veil and train and ensuring that other bridesmaids and attendants know what they are doing.

Once the ceremony begins, the chief bridesmaid will ensure the safe keeping of the bride’s bouquet and then accompany the best man down the aisle once the ceremony is complete.


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